Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living offers pure essential oils and blends. To achieve "therapeutic grade" status, Young Living oils are cultivated, harvested, and steam distilled to maintain their purity and natural benefits, without the use of any fillers. Young Living is dedicated to producing essential oils from the highest-quality plants. Every oil is put through a series of rigorous tests before it is deemed qualified to bear the Young Living label. These essential oils are then bottled in dark, thick, glass containers to protect the integrity of the oils. Many of these oils may be used to support healthy body systems and functioning on a variety of patients, from babies to the elderly.

Essential oils offer a simple way to live healthier and begin to eliminate harmful chemicals from your home. Whether you use them to clean, cook, relax, or purify, essential oils offer a healthier choice many people do not even know exists. Enjoy the benefits of living naturally! Using the healing power of nature, you can avoid unnecessary drugs and chemicals, and decrease pain, all without side effects!

There are so many uses for essential oils we can't list them all, there is literally an oil for EVERYTHING!

Common uses are:

  1. Seasonal discomforts
  2. Burns, cuts, and bruises
  3. Immune Support
  4. Digestive support
  5. Skin condition support
  6. Supports healthy sleep
  7. Supports the Nervous system
  8. Supports the Cardiovascular system
  9. Supports the Respiratory system.

The list goes on and on... And there are 3 different ways to use Young Living Essential Oils:

  1. Inhale - directly or with a lovely diffuser.
  2. Ingest - just a drop or two in the mouth or in a vegetable capsule.
  3. Directly on the skin - with a diluting medium ( coconut oil) or just directly on the skin, absorbed in 3 seconds!

For more information and questions please attend one of our classes. They are ongoing, please call us to reserve your spot today!

If you know you want to start making the change for you and your family, you may purchase a starter kit, which includes 11 oils, diffuser, and info. After purchasing, Dr. Manger will contact you and start to educate you on the oils and how you may implement them into your life. She will Mentor you every step of the way!

You will have access to training, community, and a lot of great info!

Obligatory Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA). The products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary.

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