Patient Testimonials: Dr Hamburger

"I'm amazed!"

After reaching my pain threshold in my lower back, neck and shoulders, with accompanying decreased mobility, I consulted Dr. Hamburger. I had never been to a Chiropractor and had no idea how beneficial it would be. My range of motion has significantly increased and the pain is gone. I'm amazed at what Chiropractic Medicine is able to accomplish. Both Dr. Hamburger and Dr. Manger are very friendly and the atmosphere in their beautiful office is relaxing and serene.


"Ex-College Athlete Impressed with Dr. Hamburger!"

Thanks to Dr. Hamburger I have no pain, more range of motion and I am back in the gym! My body had taken a beating over the years but Dr. Hamburger and Dr. Manger have been dedicated to meeting all of my needs. Their team is loaded with a passion to help cure your pain and make sure it never comes back.


"Great Care, Great People, Relaxing Environment!"

I found Dr. Hamburger and Manger through Citysearch and decided to give them a try.

The environment is very peaceful and everyone is extremely friendly. After less than 2 months my neck pain was completely gone and my range of motion has been greatly improved. I would recommend anyone to see these two great doctors! Both are wonderful.


"Thank you!"

I had never experienced Chiropractic therapy before and was leary. The results with Dr. Hamburger were beyond my expectations. My pain decreased with each visit and vastly improved my quality of life!


"Chiropractic After Surgery"

After lower back surgery three years ago, I was told that I had genetically shortened hamstrings. Dr. Hamburger said that with assisted stretching, that we could lengthen them in no time. I did not believe him, but I wanted my back to feel better. Just three week later, I can now touch my toes for the first time in my entire life. Thanks for proving me wrong!


"Kids & Autism"

My oldest son is autistic. I had read a health article that touted the possible benefits of increased awareness and improvements in autistic children by having Chiropractic adjustments. We have been going to Dr. Hamburger now for many years and we believe it did help with Jordan's awareness and ability to focus. The Chiropractic along with the Occupational Therapies helped him with gaining strength in his low back. My son is now able to ride a bike without training wheels, an impossible task without balance, lower back strength and awareness of his surroundings. I do not believe the adjustments are a cure for autism, but I definitely think they made a difference and enhanced the other therapies that Jordan received. We whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is in need of Chiropractic care.


"Chiropractic or Surgery"

After visiting Dr. Hamburger, we went through my injury in great detail and he explained all of the options to me. We then embarked on a regular course of treatment, and the results have been great. I believe most Doctors may have recommended surgery for my condition, but Dr. Hamburger assessed my injury and made the correct decision to start manipulation rather than surgery.


"Why these Chiropractors?"

Dr. Hamburger takes a personal interest in all of his patients. He treats me as a friend as well as a client. Your health and comfort always come first. This is the kind of dedication and compassion that I want in someone working on my family and myself.


"Neck & Shoulder Pain"

Dr. Hamburger was able to relieve my neck and shoulder discomfort. He always does a pre-check on my spine before each adjustment. Therefore, he doesn't work only on my apparent trouble spots but other parts of my back as well. Besides, he is very patient and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend his service.



Dr. Hamburger is a life saver! My mobility is improved, my headaches have subsided, and my general outlook on life is so much better! Chiropractic care is the best treatment for everyone in the family. Dr. Hamburger is gentle, thorough and always has your best interest at heart!


"Low Back Pain"

I chose to come here after visiting with Dr. Hamburger during one of my wife's appointments. Experiencing some lower back pain, I was looking for long term relief and not just a short term fix. Dr. Hamburger's consultation, coupled with scheduled adjustments and recommended stretching exercises has provided me with the increased flexibility I needed, and eliminated the previously associated pain. I would recommend Dr. Hamburger to anyone seeking Chiropractic care. He truly cares about a patient's overall well being. Thank you, Dr. Hamburger for the positive results!


"Neck Pain & Stiffness"

I have had great results with Dr. Hamburger. His personable nature made me feel at ease. His expertise and knowledge gave me confidence in him as a practitioner. My range of motion in my neck has improved greatly. I highly recommend Dr. Hamburger.