Patient Testimonials: Dr. Manger


I love both Dr. Manger & Dr. Hamburger! I have been searching for an all natural approach for some time and its amazing when your Doctor is as passionate about your health as you are! Every time I come in, the excitement I see in them inspires me.



Wellness in Motion is Amazing! After a DVT and lymphoma I was told by my PT that there was nothing more they could do to help me with drop foot. I just could not accept that answer! Since working with Dr. Manger, feeling has returned to my foot and I'm beginning to have a range of motion again. I'm also working with Dr. Hamburger on a more sensible workout style that is relieving nearly all the pain in my shoulders. The work they've done with me has greatly improved my quality of life and my overall attitude. I am going to be a long-term patient at Wellness in Motion Chiropractic! Jan 22, 2012



Dr. Manger is an excellent chiropractor! I have only had several weeks of treatment after a car accident, and already feel relief from my neck and back pain. Everyone at the office is very nice and friendly, and I always feel so relaxed and at ease. I higly recommend her to anyone - she will do wonders!



This is the best doctor's office in town! Everyone there is always so friendly and happy!! They discovered problems with my back, that I didn't even know I had. After a few sessions, I can now do yoga without experiencing pain! I feel better overall...less headaches, and better posture. They are the BEST!!


"Headaches gone!"

For three months I suffered from headaches. After several visits to my General Practitioner and an ENT specialist as well as physicals and a CT scan, I was told everything looked "normal". I still had headaches though, so a friend of mine highly recommended Dr. Manger. Although I had never been to a Chiropractor and didn't know what to expect, I gave it a shot. After the end of the week one, my headaches were gone. Thanks Dr. Manger!


Dr. Manger Gives T.L.C.

Why did I choose Dr. Manger? After bringing my son to Dr. Hamburger for treatment, he suggested I be evaluated due to my posture. I had lived with back pain for years, but being a 58 year old, I was afraid of aggravating the condition. My son experienced good results, so I decided to try it. What did I get from Dr. Manger's treatment? T.L.C., trustworthy judgment, improved quality of life and quality care. Dr. Manger uses versatility in her treatment with manual adjustment, state of the art equipment, and massage. Though slight in stature, she is grand in her expertise as a chiropractor, and personality. During treatment you are her most important patient! Thank you, Dr. Manger for your T.L.C.


"Dr. Manger gives 150% of herself"

I heard from a friend that Dr. Manger came highly recommended! I came to her with sciatica, neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain. After the first treatment I already felt so much better! After a course of treatments my sciatica pain is gone, headaches NO MORE!!!! And not to mention my shoulder pain, I can know raise my arm above my head! The motion in my neck is so improved; I can now turn my head to the side! I look forward to the treatments and Dr. Manger greets me with such JOY!! It feels like I'm the ONLY ONE!! and so special and loved:)


"My pain is Gone"

Thanks to Dr. Manger, my neck and back pain are gone. She's so gentle, yet so effective. She's the ONLY Chiropractor for me!


"My knee isn't grumpy anymore!"

I had been experiencing knee pain for a few months and decided to receive Acupuncture from Dr. Manger. After just 3 treatments my "grumpy" knee was all better and I thank you Dr. Manger.


"Tune-ups for my cat!"

Our cat Rebecca was adopted at the age of 4 and I discovered she had spinal issues and when the pain was bothering her, she would urinate or defecate outside the litter box. She had some treatment with a different Doctor, which paralyzed her almost completely, falling over with every step. She was unable to eat or even use the litter box and I had to hold her up so that she could urinate or defecate. I found Dr. Manger after an internet search and drove the 2 hours from my house to her office. After her magical fingers danced along Rebecca's spine, she regained 60% mobility that same day! A follow-up adjustment a week later restored her to 80% and the third visit two weeks later restored her to 100% mobility- She can now jump up to the top of our bookcase! Rebecca continues to protest on the long ride in the car to periodically to get a "tune up", but she purrs happily when Dr. Manger works her magic on her because she KNOWS that relief is just a fingertip away!

Deanna L.

"Like a new dog!"

I found Dr. Manger on the internet looking for an Animal Chiropractor. After speaking with her on the phone, she was very enthusiastic about helping my dog through Chiropractic, so I decided to bring Kelso to her. He was limping and had a crooked gait. His hip was grinding and popping out of alignment. After the first visit, I noticed an improvement in his gait and his demeanor. After the second visit, I noticed a more dramatic improvement! Now, after just 3 visits, he is like a new dog! He acts like a puppy - enthusiastic about his walks! It's very apparent that he feel and walks muc better! Thanks Dr. Manger!



After emergency surgery, due to a blown disc and the likelyhood of her needing another surgery, we looked for some form of altenative healthcare for her. We found Dr. Manger via a websearch. I was most impressed, that she is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) and has more than 220 hours of training to work with animals and that level of experience mattered to us. I also appreciated her phone meeting with me, and that she found that most animals found out in 2-4 visits if the treatment was helping, so we would know quickly if this was a good fit for Scarlett's needs. Dr. Manger was/is friendly, compassionate and very informative, but most importantly, Scarlett was and continues to be MESMERIZED. Ultimately, Scarlett has been able to wag her tail again since her surgery and she walks much better and has more toilet control. For anyone desiring a proactive and holistic approach to their pets joint/back issues, I highly recommend Dr. Manger, the care is affordable and geared to your animal's progress.


"Thank You!"

Dr.Manger,we sincerely want to thank you for your caring nature and great professional service. Whiskers is himself again after being in pain for weeks. You have a special gift of compassion and your honesty was greatly appreciated. This dog is a great part of our lives, so thank you again.