Nutrition and You

Simply put:

Your goals are first priority

We sit down together for a 20 minute consultation on what you would like to achieve. We set goals and write them down together. We come up with a game plan, specifically designed for you.

Your lifestyle is your road to success

We pave out a path for you to achieve success, whether it is weight loss, toning, getting leaner, stronger, or overall just achieving better health. We will accomplish it!

We will develop a sample grocery list with you

Every person has their own version of a routine "grocery list". We will incorporate some healthier food alternatives, along with the staples you enjoy to create a unique family menu for you!

We will help you with your family's nutrition,
because with their help, it's much easier!

If you are the only one eating celery as a snack, and broccoli with your fish for dinner, and the rest of the family is eating pizza, you will not last very long!

Your new body!

What is it?

  1. Specific one on one High Intensity 30 minute workouts (2 times per week!)
  2. Goal-oriented nutrition plan and some additional food supplementation

This package is offered as the "Your new body" entirely unique to each individual.

The "New body plan" will change your life forever!

What does it cover?

  • High intensity workouts (30 Minute sessions) twice a week for your choice of duration.
  • One 1 hour nutritional evaluation
  • A 30 minute nutritional coaching sessions with weigh-in and goal setting.

Total cost to a NEW You! You have nothing to lose, but some pant sizes and only smiles and confidence to gain!

If you want to make a real change in your life (or a family members), call now to schedule your Free consultation to be on the road to a New You! 985-871-1189